The Woman in Orbit - Marian Devotional Movement
The Woman in Orbit - Marian Devotional Movement

The Woman in Orbit

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Mary's Feasts Every Day Everywhere

A Timeless Marian Treasure Compiled By Sr. Manetta Lamberty, S.C.C.

Deepen your devotion for the Empress of the Universe!

This universal Mother has long been in orbit, circling the globe, answering urgent calls with radar swiftness and enriching every hamlet, every village, every country of each succeeding century. Tradition, as recorded in this tribute to the Mother of God, has left us a Mary-message for each of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. Devotees of Mary will find in this unpretentious volume a wealth of inspiration to rocket their thoughts into space, straight to the heart of their Queen, the Woman in Orbit.
Sister M. Virginia Seabert, S.C.C.

Woman in Orbit consists of 421 pages including two bonus additions - Your Mother, Your Queen, a Love Letter featuring selected quotes from various approved Marian apparitions and Mary, the Power of Her Name by St. Alphonso Liguouri.

"Anyone who gives a medal, a holy picture or book to another person, has done no more than to inspire a thought for GOD...for many souls are saved in this way, many preserved from error and encouraged in goodness."
St. John Bosco

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