Saints of the Church

Over 100 years old. Donated by Mrs. Donald O. LaPlatney (Mary Aileen Gamache) in memory of her Grandmother Mrs. Joseph Lanthier (Sophia Gamache Lanthier) Mary Gamache’s parents were Frederick J. Gamache and Mary A. McCartin Gamache (prominent residents of Ogdensburg - devout communicants of St. Mary’s Cathedral parish identified with the Sacred Heart, Holy Name and Rosary Societies.


Names below are as written on the relic

S. Camilli de Lellis; S. Bartholomaei - Ap; S. Iac. M. Ap; S. Andreae - Ap; S. Philip. Ap; S. Matthiew; S. Lucae Ev; Pope S. Piux X; Rose Petal from Carmel in Lipa City Phil; S. Margaret ala Coque; S. Catharina V Senensis; S. Rosalia a Palermo; S. Petri - Ap; S. Pauli - Ap; S. Thom Aquin; S. Franc. Xav; S. Annae Madre; S. Is. Sebas. M; S. Stanis. Kos; S. Joan. A. Ev; S. Laur. Lev. M; S. Francis. Ass; S. Alph. de Lig ep. C D; S. Ambrosi E. D.; S. Augustini Ep. D; S. Bonav. E. C. D.; S. Julia Mar.; S. Simonis Stok.e.; S. Brigittae vid; S. Ma. Aegyptja; S. Joachim; S. Joseph; S. Annae; S. Franc. A; S. Clarae; S. Pasch .B; S. Ant. P; S. Hyac.; S. Rosae; S. Filomen; S. Pacif. As.; S. Pauli. A; S. Petri; Ex P.O Aesepe; S. Joan Saj.; S. Teresiae Avila; Domus Laur - stone from the Holy House of Loreto; Pierre du Calvaire; S. Marcel M; Ex Oss M. S. Magda Penit; Os de Ste. Terese a J. Inf; S. Louis de Gonz.; Stone from the Holy Sepulcre; Comp. de St. Zenon; T. de S. Charles Borromeo; S. Anne; Stone from Calvaire; Vierge; S. Jean; S. Barbare; S. Alacoque; S. Agnus; S. Franco; S. Antoine; S. Theophile; S. John Bapt.; ex oss S. Clem. Hofb.; S. Joseph sp.; S. Thom Aquin; S. Ioannis Chris. E.C.D.; S. Pauli Ap; S. Thom Ag D; S. Stan Kos; S. Joan Ap. Ev; S. Stanis. Kos.; S. Ioannis A. E.; S. Pauli Ap; S. Hyacinthae; S. Arboris; S. Francisci; S. Bernardi Ab. C. D.; S. Francisci Sales; S. Sebast. Mar.; S. Hadriani M.; S. Aug. Car. M.; Ex oss Ih S. Leonae.; S. Gerardi Maj.; Stone from Lourdes; S. M. M. Alacoque; Domus Lour.; 

In addition the following relics have been entrusted to the Marian Devotional Movement.
B. Marie-Leonie; B. F. Janssoone; S. Joan Bosc. C; S. M. Bernadette; S. Francois de Laval; S. Kateri Tekakwitha; S. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity; St. Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein); 7 Martyr Nuns of Mardrid; St. Louis and Zelie Martin; St. Edmund Arrowsmith, S. Francis X; S. Antoine de Padou; St. C D'ars; S. Boneventure; Ste Elisabeth; S. Eustache; S. Placide; Sainte Therese de l'Enfant-J; Ste. Marg. Marie; S Benoi; S. Bernadette; S. Therese; S. Rose de Lima; S. Louis de Gonza; St. Berchmans C; S. F. de Sales; S. Francois d'Ass; S. Ignace Loyola; Os de St. Isidore Lab.; EX Ossibus North American Martyrs; St. Marguerite Bourgeoys; Blessed Catherine of St. Augustine; 
St. Michael Relic Stones; Hyacinthae; Arboris; Francisci;

Excerpt from "The Catholic Thing" article on Veneration of Saints

Rev. Charles Mangan

"There are several scriptural passages that support the veneration of relics. For example, the Israelites took Joseph’s bones when they departed Egypt (Ex. 13:19). The bones of Elisha came in contact with a dead person who then was raised to life (2 Kings 13:21). The same Elisha took the mantle of Elijah and fashioned a miracle with it (2 Kings 2:13). The Christians of Ephesus, by using handkerchiefs and cloths touched to St. Paul’s skin, effected the healing of the sick (Acts 19:12).

To venerate the relics of the saints is a profession of belief in several doctrines of the Catholic faith: (1) the belief in everlasting life for those who have obediently witnessed to Christ and His Holy Gospel here on earth; (2) the truth of the resurrection of the body for all persons on the last day; (3) the doctrine of the splendor of the human body and the respect which all should show toward the bodies of both the living and the deceased; (4) the belief in the special intercessory power which the saints enjoy in heaven because of their intimate relationship with Christ the King; and (5) the truth of our closeness to the saints because of our connection in the communion of saints we as members of the Church militant or pilgrim Church, they as members of the Church triumphant."

Initial that follows the name to which the relic belongs:
AP. (or A.) - Apostle
C. - Confessor
D. - Doctor of the Church
D.N.J.C. - of Our Lord Jesus Christ
E. (or Ep.) - Bishop
E. (or Ev.) - Evangelist
F. - Founder of Order
Lev. - Deacon
M. - Martyr
Mil. - Soldier
Poen. - Penitent
PP. - Pope
Sp. - Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Reg. - King or Queen
V. - Virgin
B.V.M. - Blessed Virgin Mary
Vid. - Widow