Fundraiser Blitz for the “Fill the ARK” Movement

Thank you!

The MDM is fundraising to process the National Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape to Lucas Oil Stadium where 80,000 Catholics are scheduled to celebrate the Source and Summit of our faith. 


The Marian Devotional Movement's, "Our Lady of the Cape Rosary Confraternity Renewal," began with a "Single Rose" in one city ... blossoming to over 2600 cities and towns all over the world.

Click the Rose to view the “Bridge of Rosaries” map. 


Transforming Lives for Eternity


Then I saw the blessed rose petal and I knew it was a sign from the novena I'd been praying to St. Therese for my son's deliverance from addiction ... Read Colleen's full testimony "HERE"


When the Cape Prayer Shawl arrived and I opened the package I felt joy and as I put the Shawl around my shoulders I smelled an intense odour of roses. Read Melody's full testimony "HERE" 


The prayer shawl moved me to tears when it arrived here, I couldn’t stop kissing it and hugging it, it was so reassuring and really blessed! I pray the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary with more than 35 people every evening via Zoom and wear my Prayer Shawl; now I can feel that I’m under the protection of Our Blessed Mother, what an amazing relic, so precious and blessed! Diana 


Monthly Pilgrim Partners Receive a "Cape Prayer Shawl!" Please choose "Donate Monthly" on the Canada Helps Donation from above.  "CAPE PRAYER SHAWLS" have touched the MIRACULOUS STATUE OF OUR LADY OF THE CAPE then blessed by the former rector of the shrine, BISHOP PIERRE-OLIVIER TREMBLAY. 

Uniting Rosary Reciting Catholics Throughout the World Through the Archconfraternity of the Most Holy Rosary

Excerpt from Fr. Damian Byrne's (Past Master General of the Order of Preachers) 1985 letter to the Dominicans.

Membership of the Rosary Confraternity implied a great deal more than having one's name in a register and promising to say certain prayers. It meant assuming the authority of an elder brother, of knowing how to put the robe of mercy on your brother's or sister's back; how to put the shoes of freedom on their feet and the ring of covenant friendship on their finger. Henceforth all would be one and walk like a prince in the royal household. Cf "Alanus Redivivus".

Click The Rosary Shrine Letterhead To Read The Promoter General of the Rosary, Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP, Full Letter.