When I felt the desire to order the Cape Prayer Shawl and to join the MDM Pilgrim Partner, I was unsure of what to expect. When the Cape arrived and I opened the package I felt joy and as I put the Shawl around my shoulders I smelled an intense odour of roses. I called my daughter and placed the Cape around both of us and she could smell the roses too. I thought that you must have packed them in roses before they were sent!  As I have prayed wearing the Shawl I have had some wonderful experiences.  First, I noticed today that when I touch the Shawl, my hands pick up the scent of the roses. 

I had an interesting experience that I feel compelled to share with you.  I went to Church early last Sunday to pray. I took my prayer shawl from Our Lady of the Cape and wore it through my prayers and Mass. When I went up to get Communion I expected Father to say my name as he gave me the Host ... I've known my Priest for 25 years.  Instead he said, "Rosemary, this is the body of Christ" I was surprised and don't know if he realized what he had said. I thought of how the name combined Mary and her and her Roses and if Father could feel Mary's blessings in the shawl. 


Also: A week ago at Mass I came to Church early to pray. I prayed The Rosary, the Marian Prayer, and the Liturgy of the Day appropriate to the time of day. I wore the Cape during Mass. When I went to Communion, Father, this time said, Rose Marie, this is the Body of Christ. I was surprised but mostly joyful as I felt that he must be feeling Mary in the Shawl too.


 As I pray with the Shawl Mary’s presence is even stronger. I feel her enfolding in her arms as I pull the Shawl around my shoulders, and feel that my prayers are caught in the Shawl and are multiplied in it’s weave. Sometimes I smell her roses now, even when the Shawl is near and know that Mary is near me...whispering to me.


I don’t usually witness to my experiences, but feel that Mary wants me to share this with you.



I am totally overwhelmed in gratitude! 


Dear Dennis and Angelina

The other day my daughter came home with a package from the post office. It had been a busy, difficult day and I'd just come home from a Mass of gratitude I had said... and sadly when I was at mass I thought, Lord I don't feel overly grateful at Mass right now, but I do trust in Your Mercy and timing. I saw the package my daughter left on the counter after wearily changing out of my Mass clothes. 


I finally had a quiet moment to open it, I realized it was the prayer shawl and beautiful prayer cards, including the 3rd class relic card (touched to Fr. Frederick's first class relic... which has deep significance spiritually relating to the 54 Day Rosary we did in the spring)


Then I saw the blessed rose petal and I knew it was a sign from the novena I'd been praying to St. Therese for my son's deliverance from addiction and I was overwhelmed with gratitude that God gave me these gifts as encouragement and strength to keep praying through your hands Dennis and Angelina. 


I sat down to journal about the experience and saw a missed call from my son whom I was praying for. ‎ I haven't spoke to him since mother's day. He was very emotional on the phone and said he missed us, he missed our family (he lives in Alberta, we are in Ontario) I had an opportunity to talk about God and the importance of faith and that our family is an echo of our bigger family in heaven and ultimately that is where we all want to unite but it can't be so without repentance and coming back into the Church.  


I said the feelings he feels of sadness missing his family is a grace from God to move his heart closer to Jesus and now it is my son's turn to make a move closer to God. He said "Mom, do you want to pray a decade of the rosary with me as my move closer to God?" So we did - he picked the 3rd Luminous Mystery - proclaiming the Kingdom - and that's exactly what was happening in that phone call. 


Thank you, I know we have a long way to go in our family but I was SO encouraged by your gift and I thank God for your apostolate. 


God Bless and many thanks


Dublin, Ontario