The latest information on the 2019 Pilgrimage will be posted here. NOTE: MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW - Please Bookmark this page.

You are invited to participate in any or all of this year's inaugural Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Pilgrimage. Additional details concerning individual itinerary items and events will be added in the coming months. 


Capital Pilgrim Experience - Ottawa

Wednesday August 21st, 2019

8:00 AM       Adoration - Blessed Sacrament Parish

9:00 AM       Holy Rosary - Blessed Sacrament Parish

9:30 AM       Holy Mass - Blessed Sacrament Parish

10:15 AM     Meet & Greet - Blessed Sacrament Parish HUB

11:00 AM     Dan & Lynn Potvin - Blessed Sacrament Parish

12:00 PM     Lunch at Lansdowne - site of the 1947 Marian Congress (many restaurants to choose from - please do not forget to bring the aerial photo)

2:30 PM       Keith and Peggy Doucette - Blessed Sacrament Parish     

3:30 PM       Divine Mercy Chaplet - Blessed Sacrament Parish

4:00 PM       Meet & Greet - Blessed Sacrament Parish HUB

7:00 PM       Chris Keyes - Blessed Sacrament Parish

8:00 PM       Meet & Greet - Blessed Sacrament Parish HUB

Thursday August 22nd, 2019

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Capital Pilgrim Experience Options: Lourdes Grotto, Elizabeth Bruyere Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Patricks Basilica, Children's Rosary Making - Blessed Sacrament Parish HUB, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atrium Tour. NOTE: MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW


6:30 PM       Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Terrence Prendergast at Blessed Sacrament Parish. Of special note - Queenship of Mary Community Profession of Temporary Vows and Renewal of Vows .

7:30 PM       Reception - Blessed Sacrament Parish HUB

Cape Pilgrim Experience  

Friday August 23rd, 2019

Travel Day to the Cape with a stop at St. Joseph's Oratory for participating pilgrims.

7:00 PM      Confessions in the "Old Shrine"

7:30 PM      Holy Rosary at the Confraternity Altar in the "Old Shrine"

8:00 PM      Mass in the "Old Shrine"

8:45 PM      Candlelight Procession


Saturday August 24th, 2019

9:00 AM     Holy Mass in the "Old Shrine"

10:30 AM   Mother Mary Bernadette/Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay in the Basilica Basement HUB

12:30 PM   Lunch

2:00 PM     DnA Live from the Shrine – Basilica Basement HUB

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM   Cape Pilgrim Experience Options: Blessed Frederic Janssoone Museum, Mary's Way of the Cross, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Organ Tour, Visit the Tombs of Fr. Luc Desilets and Fr. Paul Vachon (limited tour). NOTE: MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW

7:00 PM     Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel in the "Old Shrine"

7:45 PM     Blessing of the Roses in the "Old Shrine"

8:00 PM     Fr. Roger Vandenakker: Healing Rosary in the "Old Shrine"

9:00 PM     Meet & greet in the Basilica Basement HUB


Sunday August 25th, 2019

 9:30 AM    Cape Pilgrimage Wrap Up in the Basilica Basement HUB

11:30 AM    Holy Mass in the "Old Shrine"

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Confession will be available at various times throughout the pilgrimage. 

Bus/Hotel Packages: 

From Toronto - Contact Mary - 416.497.7059 or Marg - 416.226.1449

From Ottawa - Contact Carol Ann Parlato - cparlato@tpi.ca

From Halifax - Contact Jaunita - juanitabates1987@gmail.com

If you making your own way to the Cape a limited number of rooms are available at the Hotel Maison de la Madone located across the street from the Shrine – call 819.375.4997.

Cape Camping Option - Click “Here” 

Questions - Contact Dennis & Angelina 1.888.501.1083

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