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JUNE 29TH - Cape Café Virtual Fellowship Beginning at 1:40 PM EDT followed by the inaugural Queen of Intercessors Virtual Living Novena - Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81984626584  Phone 16473744685 Meeting ID 81984626584

JUNE 24TH - Cape Café Virtual Fellowship Beginning at 2:40 PM EDT followed by the inaugural Queen of Intercessors Virtual Living Novena - Solemnity of St John the Baptist: Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82580234337  Phone 16473744685 Meeting ID 82580234337

JUNE 22ND, 2 PM EDT - CANADA 54 THANKSGIVING MASS AT THE CAPE - Recorded video clips including Fr. Roger Vandenakker andBishop Tremblay.

St. Michael Chaplet with Fr. Timothy Nelligan - Tuesdays at 3 PM EDT - REGISTER * No virtual event on June 23rd.

David and Goliath Men's Group - Wednesdays at 7 PM EDT - REGISTER

The MaryMartha Show - Saturdays at 2 PM EDT - REGISTER *No virtual event on June 27th.

Rosary Confraternity - Sundays at 3 PM EDT - REGISTER

Coming Soon! Heart to Heart with the Queen of Intercessors (ladies)

Coming Soon! Praying virtually with the relics of the Saints on their Feast Days. The MDM has been entrusted with many first class relics; asking for their intercession will become part of the ongoing Intercessor Experience.

Queen of Intercessors Living Novena (Can be prayed daily while visiting Our Lady of the Cape virtually by the Shrine Cam or as part of the Intercessor Experience virtual events listed above)

1. Novena to the Queen of Intercessors

Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of Intercessors, daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, and spouse of the Holy Spirit, envelop my heart with your Immaculate Heart; that your joys and sorrows be my joys and sorrows; that your prayers and supplications be my prayers and supplications. With trust and confidence do I unite my intercessions with yours seeking only the Divine Will of the Father. O Mary, Queen of Intercessors, my Mother in faith, intercede on my behalf for ... mention your intention ... pray for me that in all circumstances I would abandon myself to Divine Providence for the greater glory of God. 

Our Father ... Hail Mary ... Glory be ...

2. Saints of the Month Intercessory Prayer

St. Anthony, St. Franco, St. John the Baptist, St. Aloysius, St. Peter  and St. Paul; as with St. Vincent de Paul who obtained from God, through the intercession of Mary, the graces to ensure that his two families, namely the priests and Sisters of St. Vincent, would not perish during the 1830 uprisings in France; obtain from God, through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Intercessors, the graces for the following intentions ... mention your intention ... and those intentions not spoken that I hold in my heart. Amen.

3. Recite the Holy Rosary

4. Marian Consecration Daily Prayer

Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of the Holy Rosary, Queen of Intercessors; I offer and give my prayers, sacrifices, good works, time, talent and treasure to your Immaculate Heart, to do with as you please, for the greater glory of God.

I thank God the Father, for choosing you to be my heavenly Mother. I thank God the Son, for giving you to me as He was dying for my sins and those of the whole world on the cross. I thank God the Holy Spirit, for the graces He gives me through you.

Help me, by your prayers, to be faithful to the vows of my Baptism. Help me, by your prayers, to accomplish all that God has planned for me in advance to do. Amen. 


NOTE: Due to the overwhelming response, "Cape Prayer Shawls" as per the original video announcement are now available for New MDM Pilgrim Partners.

Click "HERE" to view launch video describing the MDM Pilgrim Partner initiative including the "Cape Prayer Shawl."

Click "HERE" to learn more and become a Monthly Pilgrim Partner.