The MDM is raising $15,000 to help support the historic procession of the National Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape to Lucas Oil Stadium where 80,000 Catholics are scheduled to celebrate the Source and Summit of our faith. 
Choose your donation level to support the and receive:
1. For a $100 Donation you will receive both a Cape Prayer Shawl and Pardon Crucifix while supplies last. 
2. For a $75 Donation a Cape Prayer Shawl touched to the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of the Cape and Blessed by Bishop Martin Laliberte.


3. For a $25 Donation a blessed Italian made Pardon Crucifix touched to the First Class Relics of Pope St. Pius X, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Bernadette Soubirous, & St. Catherine Laboure - this version of the Pardon Crucifix also combines the Miraculous Medal and the St. Benedict Medal; hence the name, "Triple Threat."

Each Pardon Crucifix has been blessed by a priest with the following prayers: Blessing of Medals of St. Benedict and Blessing and Investiture with Sacred Medal of Mary Immaculate commonly known as the Miraculous Medal. Click HERE for a copy of the recited prayers.

Pardon Crucifix