Green Scapular - Marian Devotional Movement
Green Scapular - Marian Devotional Movement
Green Scapular
Green Scapular

Green Scapular

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Testimony from Angelina below...

I placed the "Green Scapular" under my daughter's bed and prayed the prayer " Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death." Amen. You learn about praying this prayer daily...over time...she converted!...became Catholic!...and one day while having her mattress turned over...there was the green scapular...LOL :0)...Praise The Lord and Mother Mary!

Testimony from Anita below...
"Green Scapular"....oh my goodness.  I, too, placed the green scapular under my husband's side of the bed.....
I used to do Craft Fairs....and one morning on Memorial Day I was on the Cathedral of the Incarnation's grounds and I see my husband coming towards me with a face on....not a happy one :(
His greeting was - "Neen (my nickname) does it make you happy to hide things under the mattress?  Don't do that anymore.  Well, what husband flips the mattress when their wife is gone.  He was cleaning our bedroom and found the scapular.
I didn't put the scapular back under the mattress. . .
I hung it on the back of the headboard:)   LOL
Well....Angelina...Rob did convert.  How could he not?  He was surrounded by priests here....for I worked for the Church for 13 years....but when the time came for Rob to receive "chemo" for leukemia...guess what he wore on his person.....the Green Scapular.  In fact, one day he remembered he didn't have it and went back up to our bedroom to get it.  He would die with it on.  And stories about after his death and how he came to me....he even appeared to two people on the Altar...

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