Rosary Bowl 101

In our day the "Rosary Bowl" initiative does not find it's meaning in the size or type of venue for the event but rather in Fr. Patrick Peyton's inspiration, "The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together." 
(The first Fr. Peyton Rosary Events began in Canada subsequent to Fr. Peyton participating in the historic 1947 Marian Congress where the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of the Holy Rosary was installed in the Peace Chapel) 
To that end, today's "Rosary Bowls" simply bring the young and the well initiated together to pray the rosary. Although Canada's first Rosary Bowl was held in a stadium, it was apparent to organizers that families attending and praying the rosary together was the major takeaway.

Itinerary for the Lansdowne Rosary Bowl for Illustration Purposes Only

2:00 - 2:03 Welcome and Archbishop Prendergast Introduction - Dennis Girard
2:03 - 2:10 Archbishop Prendergast Address
2:10 - 2:13 Bishop Tremblay Introduction - Dennis Girard
2:13 - 2:20 Bishop Tremblay Address
2:20 - 2:25  1947 Marian Congress Video Clip
2:25 - 2:55 Holy Rosary - Students from Stella Maris Academy read the intentions for each decade.
2:55 - 3:00 Final Blessing and exit - Archbishop Prendergast

For example of Joyful Mysteries Intentions Click "HERE"

For example of the Glorious Mysteries Intentions Click "HERE"

The Lansdowne Rosary Bowl also featured a morning Rosary Making activity hosted by the Congregation of Holy Cross (The Society of Apostolic Life that Fr. Patrick Peyton belonged to.)
 Lansdowne Rosary Bowl Video - Complete Version


To view an example of a full day itinerary including a Rosary Bowl, click "HERE"

And remember... promoting enrollment in the Rosary Confraternity keeps the chain of prayer going well beyond the Rosary Bowl event! 


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