The Secret of the Rosary - Fifth Rose

Fifth Rose - Confraternity


STRICTLY SPEAKING, there can be only one kind of
Confraternity of the Rosary----one whose members agree to
say the entire Rosary of one hundred and fifty Hail Marys
every day. However, considering the fervor of those who say
it, we may distinguish three kinds: Ordinary membership
which entails saying the complete Rosary once a week;
Perpetual membership which requires it be said only once a
year; Daily membership which obliges one to say it all every
day, that is, the fifteen decades made up one hundred and
fifty Hail Marys.
None of these Rosary memberships binds under pain of sin.
It is not even a venial sin to fail in this duty because such an
undertaking is entirely voluntary and supererogatory.
Needless to say, people should not join the Confraternity if
they do not intend to fulfill their obligation by saying the
Rosary as often as is required, without, however, neglecting
the duties of their state in life.
So whenever the Rosary clashes with a duty of one's, state in
life, holy as the Rosary is, one must give preference to the
duty to be performed. Similarly, sick people are not obliged
to say the whole Rosary or even part of it if this effort might
tire them and make them worse.
If you have been unable to say it because of some duty
required by obedience or because you genuinely forgot, or
because of some urgent necessity, you have not committed
even a venial sin. You will then receive the benefits of the
Confraternity just the same, sharing in the graces and merits
of your brothers and sisters in the Holy Rosary who are
saying it throughout the world.
And, my dear Catholic people, even if you fail to say your
Rosary out of sheer carelessness or laziness, as long as you
do not have any formal contempt for it, you do not sin,
absolutely speaking----but in this case you forfeit your
participation in the prayers, good works and merits of the
Confraternity. Moreover, because you have not been faithful
in things that are little and of supererogation, almost
without knowing it you may fall into the habit of neglecting
big things such as those duties which bind under pain of sin.
For----"He that contemneth small things, shall fall by little
and little." (Ecclus. 19:1)

The Canada54 National Novena includes a daily reading from the Secret of the Rosary.

There are exactly 54 readings. 
  • A white rose for priests;
  • A red rose for sinners;
  • A mystical rose tree for devout souls;
  • A rosebud for little children;
  • Plus 50 roses representing each Hail Mary recited during 5 decades of the Rosary  - Le Secret du Rosaire - ICI

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