The Secret of the Rosary - Fourteenth Rose

Fourteenth Rose - The Our Father (Continued)

WE MAKE as many acts of the noblest Christian virtues as
we pronounce words, when we recite attentively this Divine
In saying "Our Father Who art in Heaven," we make acts of
faith, adoration and humility. When we ask that His name be
hallowed and glorified we show a burning zeal for His glory,
and when we ask for the spread of His Kingdom we make
an act of hope; by the wish that His will be done on earth as it is
in Heaven, we show a spirit of perfect obedience.
In asking for our daily bread we practise poverty of spirit and
detachment from worldly goods. When we beg Him to
forgive us our sins we make an act of sorrow for them. By
forgiving those who have trespassed against us we give proof of
the virtue of mercy in its highest degree.
Through asking God's help in all our temptations, we make
acts of humility, prudence and fortitude. As we wait for Him
to deliver us from evil we exercise the virtue of patience.
Finally, while asking for all these things----not for ourselves
alone but also for our neighbor and for all members of the
Church----we are carrying out our duty as true children of
God, we are imitating Him in His love which embraces all
men and we are keeping the Commandment of love of
If we mean in our hearts what we say with our lips and if
our intentions are not at variance with those expressed in the
Lord's Prayer, then, by reciting this prayer, we hate all sin
and we observe all of God's laws. For whenever we think
that God is in Heaven----infinitely removed from us by the
greatness of His majesty----as we place ourselves in His
presence we should be filled with overwhelming reverence.
Then the fear of the Lord will chase away all pride and we
will bow down before God in our utter nothingness.
When we say the name Father and remember that we owe
our existence to God by the means of our parents and even
our knowledge to our teachers who hold the place and are
the living images of God, then we cannot help paying them
honor and respect, or, to be more exact, honoring God in
them. Nothing then, too, would be farther from our thoughts
than to be disrespectful to them or hurt them.
We are never farther from blaspheming than when we pray
that the Holy Name of God may be glorified. If we really look
upon the Kingdom of God as our heritage we cannot
possibly be attached to the things of this world.
If we sincerely ask God that our neighbor may have the very
same blessings that we ourselves stand in need of, it goes
without saying that we will give up all hatred, quarreling
and jealousy. And of course if we ask God each day for our
daily bread we shall learn to hate gluttony and lasciviousness
which thrive in rich surroundings.
While sincerely asking God to forgive us as we forgive those
who trespass against us we no longer give way to anger and
thoughts of getting even----we return good for evil and
really love our enemies.
To ask God to save us from falling into sin when we are
tempted is to give proof that we are fighting laziness and
that we are genuinely seeking means to root out vicious
habits and to work out our salvation.
To pray God to deliver us from evil is to fear His justice and
this will give us true happiness. For since the fear of God is
the beginning of wisdom, it is through the virtue of the fear
of God that men avoid sin.

The Canada54 National Novena includes a daily reading from the Secret of the Rosary.

There are exactly 54 readings. 
  • A white rose for priests;
  • A red rose for sinners;
  • A mystical rose tree for devout souls;
  • A rosebud for little children;
  • Plus 50 roses representing each Hail Mary recited during 5 decades of the Rosary  - Le Secret du Rosaire - ICI

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