The Secret of the Rosary - Twenty-ninth Rose

Twenty-ninth Rose - Means of Salvation

SAINT DENIS said that there is nothing more noble and
more pleasing to God than to cooperate in the work of
saving souls and to frustrate the devil's plans for ruining
them. The Son of God came down to earth for no other
reason than to save souls.
He upset Satan's empire by founding the Church, but the
former rallied his strength and wreaked cruel violence on
souls by the Albigensian heresy, by the hatred, dissensions,
and abominable vices which he spread throughout the
world in the XIth, XIIth and XIIIth centuries.
Only stringent measures could possibly cure such terrible
disorders and repel Satan's forces. The Blessed Virgin,
Protectress of the Church, has given us a most powerful
means for appeasing her Son's anger, uprooting heresy and
reforming Christian morals, in the Confraternity of the Holy
Rosary. It has proved its worth for it has brought back
charity and frequent reception of the Sacraments which
flourished in the first golden centuries of the Church and it
has reformed Christian morals.
Pope Leo X said in his Bull that this Confraternity had been
founded in honor of God and of the Blessed Virgin as a wall
to hold back the evils that were going to break upon the
Gregory XIII said that the Rosary was given us from Heaven
as a means of appeasing God's anger and of imploring Our
Lady's intercession.
Jules III said that the Rosary was inspired by God in order
that Heaven might be more easily opened to us through the
favors of Our Lady.
Paul III and Saint Pius V stated that the Rosary was given to
the faithful in order that they might have spiritual peace and
consolation more easily. Surely everyone will want to join a
confraternity which was founded for such noble purposes.
Father Dominic, the Carthusian, who was deeply devoted to
the Holy Rosary, had this vision: Heaven was opened for
him to see and the whole heavenly court was assembled in
magnificent array. He heard them sing the Rosary in an
enchanting melody and each decade was in honor of a
mystery of the life, passion or glory of our Lord Jesus Christ
and of His Blessed Mother. Father Dominic noticed that
whenever they said the sacred name of Mary they bowed
their heads and at the name of Jesus they genuflected and
gave thanks to God for the great good that He had wrought
in Heaven and on earth through the Holy Rosary, which the
Confraternity members say here on earth. He noticed too
that they were praying for those who practise this devotion.
He also saw beautiful crowns without number which were
made of gorgeous perfumed flowers held in readiness for
those who say the Holy Rosary devoutly. He learned that by
every Rosary that they say they make a crown for
themselves which they will be able to wear in Heaven.
This holy Carthusian's vision is very much like that which
Saint John the Beloved Disciple had. He had a vision of a
very great multitude of Angels and Saints who continually
praised and blessed Our Savior Jesus Christ for all that He
had done and suffered on earth for our salvation. This is
precisely what the devout members of the Rosary
Confraternity do.
It must not be thought that the Rosary is only for women
and for simple and ignorant people; it is also for men and for
the greatest of men. As soon as Saint Dominic acquainted
Pope Innocent III with the fact that he had received a
command from Heaven to establish the Confraternity of the
Most Holy Rosary, the Holy Father gave it his full approval,
urged Saint Dominic to preach it and said that he wished to
become a member himself. Many Cardinals embraced the
devotion with great fervor too, which prompted Lopez to
say: "Neither sex nor age nor any other condition has kept
anyone from devotion to the Holy Rosary."
Members of the Confraternity have always been from all
walks of life: dukes, princes, kings, as well as prelates,
cardinals and Sovereign Pontiffs; it would take too long to
give all their names in this little book, which is but a
summary. If you join the Confraternity, dear reader, you will
share in the devotion of your fellow members and in the
graces that they gain on earth as well as in their glory in
heaven. "Since you are united to them in their devotion you
will share in their dignity."

The Canada54 National Novena includes a daily reading from the Secret of the Rosary.

There are exactly 54 readings. 
  • A white rose for priests;
  • A red rose for sinners;
  • A mystical rose tree for devout souls;
  • A rosebud for little children;
  • Plus 50 roses representing each Hail Mary recited during 5 decades of the Rosary  - Le Secret du Rosaire - ICI

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