Total Consecration Testimonies

Having made my initial Consecration in 2008 and every year since a Renewal of Consecration, I can heart fully say this year has been the most meaningful and memorable.

I am so thankful for the Preparation for Consecration videos of Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM, sent by Divine Invitation, which explained clearly the reasons for, the depth of what the surrender promise really means and details simply the entire process.

The revised Preparation for Consecration book (gray book) which presents the writings of St. Louis de Montfort is a wonderful companion for the 33 journey to Consecration, as are his other books True Devotion to Mary and Secret of the Rosary.

Also, the personal motivation videos from Fr. Tim Nelligan and Angelina and Dennis Girard were very helpful. Those who participated were not on the journey alone, although from 22 cities worldwide. 

I also watched the Living Total Consecration videos by Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM which helps one understand the continuous journey of the Consecration promises.

The Consecration ceremony was beautiful and Fr. Dan Dubroy’s Homily so meaningful an addition along with the Queenship of Mary Community and the John Paul 2 Centre participation.

Many thanks Dennis and Angelina for spearheading the 2019 Total Consecration project.


But I especially want to thank you for bringing myself, my husband and so many others to “know of” Fr. Hugh Gillespie, his videos and his book on Preparation for Total Consecration.  It has been a most wonderful journey these past 33 days and I am really looking forward to making my Re-Consecration with you and all present tonight! 
The 7 videos about the book “The Secret of Mary”,  were very good and  helpful in preparing our hearts to enter into the Preparation for Consecration.  Fr. Gillespie is a very humble priest and he is able to simplify the teachings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, making them very understandable for everyone.
You know what this consecration did for me ?
It has given me a feeling of reassurance and relief that our Blessed Mother will take every care and concern that I have and treat me with all the tenderness and love which she has to give and longs to give as my heavenly Mother , the spouse of the Holy Spirit.
Also, she will use all that which I give to her for perhaps that lost soul who desperately needs help. We must remember that she cannot be outdone in generosity. 
Can a Son refuse his beloved Mother? We are now wrapped in her sweet  embrace as she offers all to her Divine Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I Loved the whole consecration evening at St. Augustine’s .
I now recite daily the short prayer on page 129  of the consecration book
Thank you to all those responsible for organizing this Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.
A special thank you to Father Gillespie for his guidance and teaching throughout  the consecration process. 
His love and devotion to Our Lady is palpable and so contagious!  I always looked forward to listening to the videos provided.
All in all, this has been a magnificent journey and I know that it is just the beginning.
Thank you! Amen