Venerable Philomena
Venerable Philomena - "Starred Triangle"
Venerable Philomena
Venerable Philomena
Venerable Philomena
Venerable Philomena
Venerable Philomena

Life and Writings of Venerable Philomena - Abridged

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FREE eBook Available - Join devotees  from around the world who are discovering the amazing story of this little known Spanish Mystic and the messages for our times!

May this, "Little book," inflame your love for Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph and St. Michael.

“This new Trinity (Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Michael the Archangel) must be blessed and glorified on earth as is the unity of the Three Divine Persons in Heaven; blessed is the nation, blessed is the country ... which will be inflamed with this devotion!" (Jesus to Venerable Philomena in 1867) - The year Canada became a nation.

"... that Pius IX would not leave Rome and that, finally, a great nation would enter the fold of the Catholic Church." (Jesus to Venerable Philomena in 1863) 

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Short Excerpt: Her First Eucharist

The servant of God herself, notwithstanding the insight from above, notwithstanding her experience of these divine wonders, admitted she was unable to express it. She simply declared that after receiving in her heart Jesus in the Eucharist, she felt flooded by a torrent of ineffable delight to the point of losing the use of her senses for more than 18 hours.

            Her confessor, who knew the humility of the servant of God and her invincible reluctance to express the special favours from her Divine Spouse, did not hesitate to call this lapse by its real name: a celestial rapture; the servant of God later, forced through saintly obedience, admitted that she indeed had been raptured in spirit and favoured, during this rapture, with the grace of light, pressing and gentle, that determined, then and there, the complete offering of herself to Jesus through the Immaculate Mary.

            She writes: “I felt a more than usual intimate sense of contemplation and I had a clear vision of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. At that moment, I got up from my bed and kneeled in front of an image of the Queen of heaven. Without words, I told her about the fire in my soul in this divine work that I cannot explain. Jesus then gave me a very clear and very noble manifestation of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and, at the same time, I understood the beauty of virginity and how the Holy Virgin is partial to it. 

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