San Damiano Crucifix
San Damiano Crucifix

San Damiano Crucifix

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San Damiano Crucifix - Tabletop Design  6.5” x 4.75"

San Damiano Crucifix will be touched to a reliquary with a Relic of St. Francis of Assisi inside with prayer after purchase.

A wonderful addition to your devotional space. Our Lady of the Cape devotees know or desire to delve deeper into the significance of Blessed Frederic Janssoone's connection with the Cape! God chose this Franciscan to witness the prodigy of the eyes in 1888 leading to his role as pilgrimage director for the place that would be named Canada's National Marian Shrine in 1909 at the first Canadian Plenary.

Each Chaplet comes with the special gift of a laminated Miraculous Medal Cape Card featuring a cloth that has touched the relics entrusted to the MDM, the Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of the Cape and the tombs of Fr. Luc Desilets and Fr. Paul Vachon, blessed by "then" rector of Canada's National Marian Shrine, Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, OMI, and a rose fragment blessed on the Confraternity Altar. 


Fr. Paul Vachon was the diocesan priest who had the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary established at Cap-de-la-Madeleine in 1694 by the Master General of the Dominican Order, Antonin Cloche, OP.

Fr. Luc Desilets found the pig chewing on a rosary in 1867 and reestablished enrollment in the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary leading  to the miracle of the ice bridge, the prodigy of the eyes, the 1904 canonical crowning and a million pilgrims visiting the Cape in 1954! 


 To Learn more about the relics the blue blessed cloth on the Cape Card has touched including Blessed Father Frederic  CLICK HERE 

In addition to the relics entrusted to the MDM on the linked page, the blue blessed cloth has also touched the additional holy relics listed in the Official Confraternity Rosary HERE.