Blessed Roses Annals Info and Prayer - Marian Devotional Movement
Blessed Roses Annals Info and Prayer - Marian Devotional Movement
Blessed Roses Annals Info and Prayer - Marian Devotional Movement
Blessed Roses Annals Info and Prayer

Blessed Roses Annals Info and Prayer

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Ask Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of Intercessors, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary for favours with your blessed roses. Download the Blessed Roses Prayer "HERE" Have your priest bless your roses and distribute petals to family and friends. Remember Blessed Roses are a sacramental and must be either used, buried or burned. Download Image without going through Checkout Procedure "HERE"

Print out from the ANNALS (bilingual) Click HERE

Avery 22805 Blessed Roses sticker template HERE

Blessed stickers HERE

Blessed Roses French/English PDF HERE

From Linda...once I get the fresh roses, I do not put them in water. I do not let them sit for a few days. But immediately Cut off stems right at the rose and discard.
Then pluck the heads off remaining stem which comes out with the stem and the seeds. I discard these.
Then I gently peel, each rose petal, placed it in a plastic container lined with paper towel, side by side and each row has paper towel in between .
They usually dry within two weeks or so . After a few days, I check for any that are already dried usually the top layers. This process can’t be rushed otherwise petals will mould in the plastic bags.
The completely dried rose petals I put in paper, lunch bags and mark on the bag. Not blessed, rose petals.

Usually wait a week or so before sealing the bags or putting in individual plastic bags.

Testimony from a child HERE

I have been blessed to hear about the many favors granted by Our Blessed Mama through the use of this extraordinary Sacramental. 

To name a few ...... a lady who needed surgery for a broken arm after a serious car accident, was healed after placing the petal in her cast and asking Our Blessed Mother to intercede for her healing. The doctors were shocked at the followup appointment because the xray confirmed it was badly broken which is why they were considering surgery. It was miraculously healed. No cast or surgery was needed. 

Another lady placed the Blessed Rose Petal in her cast requesting Our Lady's intercession and although she received the Blessed Rose Petal after she wore the cast for five weeks, she did not need the physiotherapy doctors usually prescribe.

I believe Our Blessed Mama has granted countless favors through the Blessed Rose Petals and continues to do so today.

Some people have also testified to seeing images of Our Lady in the Rose Petals.

Testimony from Chris...

I received the beautiful candle and blessed rose petal in today's mail. Thank you so much. I love the idea of having a priest bless roses and I will definitely have this done and will share the petals with our parishioners at Our Lady of Sorrows in Fort Nelson, BC.

Just to let you know that the Blessed Rose Petal you sent me worked wonders. In just over 24 hours of receiving it, a date for the Blessing of the Roses at Our Lady of Sorrows in Fort Nelson BC has been set for Dec 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


We had the Blessing of the Roses on Dec 8th. We had a nice crowd considering we are a small parish. About 20-25 people which was great! People took multiples of the roses petals and Our Lady of the Cape consecration prayer cards. We also provided little paper envelopes so the people could get their petals home safely in the cold weather. I took the remaining roses home and dried the petals between book pages. I like the smooth look it creates. I checked last week and they were not totally dry so I am sure they will dry by tomorrow and I will bring them to the parish for people to take this weekend in honor of Mary Mother of God Sunday. My plan is to bundle the roses, as you did, with a rose petal in a zip lock bag, prayer card and MDM sheet with the blessing prayer. I also bought little mesh bags to put each little bundle in.

What a wonderful experience! I won't hesitate to do it again!

Many blessings to you and Dennis. Thank you so much for all of your guidance on this.Warmest regards, Chris

Please listen to One Man's Vow to understand the magnitude of the prodigies of the Blessing of the Roses. The audio begins near the aforementioned section.

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