The Secret of the Rosary - Thirtieth Rose

Thirtieth Rose - Confraternity Privileges[1]

IF THE VALUE of a confraternity and the advisability of
joining it are to be judged by the indulgences attached to it,
then it can surely be said that the Confraternity of the Most
Holy Rosary is by far the most valuable one and that the
faithful should be strongly urged to join it.
This is because it has been awarded more indulgences than
any other confraternity in the Church, and ever since its
inception there has hardly been a Pope who has not opened
up the Treasures of the Church to enrich it with further
Knowing that a good example is more compelling than
glowing words and even favors, Sovereign Pontiffs have
found that there was no better way to show their high
regard for the confraternity than to join it themselves.
Here is a short summary of the indulgences which they
wholeheartedly granted to the Confraternity of the Holy
Rosary and which were confirmed again by our Holy Father
Pope Innocent XI on July 31, 1679 and received and made
public on September 25th of the same year by His Excellency
the Archbishop of Paris:
1. Members may gain a plenary indulgence on the day of
joining the confraternity;
2. A plenary indulgence at the hour of death;
3. For each three groups of Five Mysteries recited: ten years
and ten quarantines;
4. Each time that members say the holy names of Jesus and
Mary devoutly: seven days' indulgences;
5. Seven years and seven quarantines may be gained by
those who devoutly take part in or attend the Holy Rosary
6. Members who have made a good confession and who are
genuinely sorry for their sins may gain a plenary indulgence
on certain days by visiting the Holy Rosary Chapel in the
Church where the Confraternity is established. This plenary
indulgence can be gained on the First Sunday of every
month, and on the feasts of Our Lord and Our Lady.
7. For assisting at the Salve Regina[2] one hundred days'
8. Those who openly wear the Holy Rosary out of devotion
and to set a good example may gain one hundred days'
9. Sick members who are not able to go to Church may gain
a plenary indulgence by going to confession and receiving
Holy Communion and by saying that day the whole Rosary
if possible, or at least five decades;
10. Our Sovereign Pontiffs have shown their generosity
towards members of the Rosary Confraternity by allowing
them to gain the indulgences attached to the Stations of
Rome by visiting five altars in the Church where the Rosary
Confraternity is established, and by saying the Our Father
and Hail Mary five times before each altar, for the happy
estate of the Church. If there are only one or two altars in the
Confraternity Church they should recite the Our Father and
Hail Mary twenty-five times before one of them.
This is a wonderful favor granted to Confraternity members
for in the Stational Churches in Rome plenary indulgences
can be gained, souls can be delivered from Purgatory and
many other great indulgences too can be gained by members
with very little effort and no expense and without leaving
their own country. And even if the Confraternity is not
established in the place where the members live they can
gain the very same indulgences by visiting five altars in any
Church. This concession was granted by Leo X.
The Sacred Congregation of Indulgences drew up a list of
certain definite days upon which those outside the city of
Rome could gain the Indulgences of the Stations of Rome.
The Holy Father approved this list on March 7th, 1678, and
commanded that it be strictly observed. These indulgences
can be gained on the following days:
All the Sundays of Advent; each of the three Ember Days;
also Christmas Eve, at Midnight Mass, the Daybreak Mass
and at the Third Mass; the feast of Saint Stephen; that of
Saint John the Evangelist; the feast of the Holy Innocents; the
Circumcision and the Epiphany; the Sundays of
Septuagesima, Sexagesima, Quinquagesima and on every
single day from Ash Wednesday to Low Sunday inclusively;
each of the three Rogation Days; Ascension Day; the Vigil of
Pentecost; every day during the octave; and on each of the
three September Ember Days.
Dear Confraternity members, there are numerous other
indulgences which you can gain. If you want to know about
them look up the complete list of indulgences which have
been granted to members of the Rosary Confraternity. You
will see the names of the Popes in question, the years in
which they granted the indulgences and many other
particulars which I have not been able to include in this little
1. Leo XIII modified this list of indulgences. We give it here
because it is included in Saint Louis' manuscript.
Today the Indulgences for Confraternity members are:
1) For members of the Rosary Confraternity, a plenary
indulgence, under the usual conditions, is granted:
a. on the day of enrollment. (When application is made, a
certificate of membership is sent, indicating the day of the
b. on the following feast days: Christmas, Easter,
Annunciation, Purification, Assumption, Our Lady of the
Rosary [October 7], and Immaculate Conception.
2) For those who pray the Rosary, a plenary indulgence is
granted under the usual conditions, when the Rosary is
prayed in Church, or in a Public Oratory, in a family (family
Rosary), Religious Community, or Pious Association.
Otherwise a partial indulgence is granted.
2. The Salve Regina is sung in procession after Compline by
the Fathers and Brothers in every Dominican monastery, and
also by Dominican Sisters. This custom was started by St.
Dominic . . . Since then other orders and congregations have
adopted this practice. M. B.

The Canada54 National Novena includes a daily reading from the Secret of the Rosary.

There are exactly 54 readings. 
  • A white rose for priests;
  • A red rose for sinners;
  • A mystical rose tree for devout souls;
  • A rosebud for little children;
  • Plus 50 roses representing each Hail Mary recited during 5 decades of the Rosary  - Le Secret du Rosaire - ICI

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